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When global companies invest in the United States, they bring much more than capital and the jobs it creates.  These employers provide expertise and resources that benefit U.S. workers and local communities across the country.  In fact, it may surprise you to learn that Americans connected to global companies earn higher wages and benefits than the economy-wide average.  This report, which provides new data on the impact that foreign direct investment (FDI) has on workers in all 50 states, underscores the importance for policymakers of recognizing how global investment makes us more economically competitive.


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Jobs That Innovate

American scientists and engineers employed by FDI companies are leading our nation’s innovation advantage.  R&D carried out by FDI companies in the United States supports thousands of high-paying American jobs, helps spur the discovery of new products and processes, and contributes to America’s economic growth.  Manufacturing makes up more than two-thirds of all R&D employment supported by FDI companies in the United States.
Global Investment Dierectly Supports 178,000 U.S. Jobs Focused On Innovation.

Jobs That Grow More Jobs

Regional economies are growing from locally-sourced supply chains.  As this new data show, global investment supports more than 24 million U.S. workers.  While there is certainly growth generated in economic hot-spots like Silicon Valley, the locations where global investment is having the biggest impact on U.S. workers are in states like North Carolina, Indiana, New Jersey, Michigan and Kansas.
Global Investment Supports One in Seven Private-Sector Jobs.

Jobs With World-Class Training

It may seem counterintuitive for foreign-based employers to develop world-class workforce development programs in the United States, but that is exactly what is happening in communities across the country.  Beyond the numbers, this report shares the perspectives of individuals from all walks of life who have seen their communities transformed by global investment. 
A "skilled workforce" is a top driver of where FDI companies invest.


Jobs That Build Communities

Thanks to foreign direct investment, neighborhoods are made stronger from corporate support and employee engagement.  Teachers in South San Fransisco are getting badly-needed assistance as they help students discover STEM education. Learn what Mercedes Benz Financial Services employees are doing in Texas, Pennsylvania and Michigan to help their communities.  
FDI Companies Have Increased Their Charitable Contributions By 125 Percent Since 2001.


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