U.S. Ambassador to Chinese Investors: America Wants Your Business

Wall Street Journal

Which U.S. infrastructure projects can China invest in?

The new U.S. ambassador to China kicked off his first investment forum on the job with the hard sell: The U.S. is open for business and wants China to invest in what is expected to be an $8 trillion spending spree on upgrading its infrastructure, Max Baucus told a packed conference room at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing.

A few minutes into his presentation, however, the ambassador got down to a source of anxiety for many potential Chinese investors: an inter-agency review by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, or CFIUS, that looks at the national security implications of a foreign takeover of a U.S. company.

“Most investment doesn’t go to CFIUS,” he told the gathering of U.S. and Chinese businesspeople in reassuring tones, adding that the percentage of rejections is “very, very low.” 

“It’s not nearly the problem that some people think,” he added.

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