OFII and PwC work collaboratively through a special joint business relationship to provide unique support to U.S. subsidiaries of global companies.  Below are a few of the thought leadership resources PwC provides OFII members, each geared to address the challenges inbound companies face.

Most Recent
OECD seeks comments on use of group ratio for interest deductibility limit
Tax & Investment in the US: Proposed 385 Regulations (federal & state impact), IRS focus on 'foreign' travelers, CFO Survey
What issues are global directors of US inbound companies facing?
US state economic policies and inbounds
Federal Claims Appeals: For FTC, foreign taxes relate to year incurred not year finalized
OECD issues final recommendations on BEPS: Global Mobility
OECD issues final report with recommendations on a best practice approach to interest limitation rules (BEPS Action 4)
Tax & Investment in the US (US Model Treaty, SFC Working Group Reports, Doing Business Guide, Roundtable, Insourcing, Reception)

Critical Issues for Inbound Companies
Doing Business in the United States: A Guide to the Key Issues
The unique challenges facing inbound companies     
A Conversation on the Current Environment with Joel Walters

General Interest/International Updates
Affordable Care Act isn't just for US companies
Alterion Decision: Impact on Cost Sharing Agreements/Share Based Compensation
Chief Counsel concludes Captive Insurance excess loss policies are not insurance
Foreign Implementation of country-by-country reporting impacts US companies by 2017
Agreement on automatic exchange of information within the EU
EU Commission final decisions in Starbucks and Fiat State aid cases

Tax Issues
Tax & Investment in the US: Proposed 385 Regulations (federal & state impact), IRS focus on 'foreign' travelers, CFO Survey Shifting IRS Enforcement Strategies: US Inbounds Take note
IRS International Practice Units provide roadmaps for IRS examiners on cross-border issues
IRS finalizes new procedures for APAs, adding new disclosure and procedural requirements
IRS Regulations: Limited gain deferred of partnership contributions with related foreign partners and addressing valuation of controlled transactions involving partnerships
IRS finalizes procedures for filing a competent authority request
IRS Commissioner Announces 'Practice Area' Reorganization
Treasury and IRS provide extension to fully implement FATCA
IRS treats intercompany referral fee as foreign base company sales and allocate expenses to non-subpart F income
FATCA Update: New FAQ on effective date of new WP and WT agreements
FATCA Update: International Data Exchange Service
M&A Tax Recent Guidance
Paying Taxes in 2015 - comparing tax regimes across the world
Doing Business in the US Guide to Tax Issues
New 367 and 482 Regulations: Tax foreign goodwill, limit active trade or business exception, apply section 482 to aggregate transactions      
Final, Proposed Regulations address partnership allocation updates

Legislative Updates
Senate Finance Committee tax reform working groups issue reports (Include International Tax report)
US Treasury Proposes changes to US Model Income Tax Convention
PwC comment letter on US Model Treaty Proposals
US publishes first FATCA competent authority arrangements

Transfer Pricing
Beyond the Tax Department: End-to-End TP
Update on OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines: Alighing transfer pricing outcomes with value creation

State and Local Tax in the US
Multistate US tax issues for inbound companies
Tax haven and worldwide reporting legislative proposals
District of Columbia - Tax haven countries defined

OECD seeks comments on use of group ratio for interest deductibility limit
10Minutes: on the OECD's BEPS project
OECD Public Consultation on BEPS Actions 8-10 reveals revisions to Transfer Pricing
OECD heading toward consensus on interest limitations (BEPS Action 4)
Multinationals receive OECD recommendations on BEPS proposals for G20 and wider take-up
Release of BEPS deliverable: Making dispute resolution mechanism more effective
Revamped dependent agent rule a marked change in the OECD's final BEPS permanent establishment report

PwC Inbound Quarterly Newsletter Archive
Tax & Investement In the US (Dave Camp, IRS focus on Inbounds, Int. Deductibility, CEO Survey, Obama FY16 Budget)
Tax & Investment in the US (Danilack, Paying Taxes, Captive Insurance, Share-based Comp)
Tax & Investment in the US (Affordable Care Act, First Sale Strategy, Doing Business Guide)
Tax & Investment in the US (Legislative Update, 2014 Insourcing Survey, OFII comments on BEPS)
Tax & Investment in the US (SFC discussion draft, 2014 legislative outlook, OECD/BEPS update)
Tax & investment in the US (OECD/BEPS, Final Repair Regs.,SALT for Inbounds)
Tax & Investment in the US (Research Credit, FATCA, Debt Equity)