Environmental Initiative Snapshot: Ahold USA

April 03, 2018

Ahold USA’s Stop & Shop Supermarket Company opened a state-of-the-art, Green Energy Facility in Freetown, Massachusetts that uses a natural process called "anaerobic digestion" to convert inedible food waste that cannot otherwise be donated into clean energy. The process is capable of producing up to 40% of the energy for the 1.1 million square-foot adjacent distribution center. Each day, tons of inedible food waste from 208 Stop & Shop stores is brought to the 24,000 square-foot facility to be processed and converted into biogas. The biogas fuels a generator that in turn, generates electricity for heating, lighting and air conditioning systems in the distribution center.


The beauty of the process is that instead of trucks coming back to Freetown empty, they now come back with a vital resource for the facility: Inedible food.

Jerry Pimental, Vice President, Distribution Services